Construction! Woot!

So Thousand Crow now exists on the physical plane rather than just lurching about awkwardly in my head! Hooray! She is on the left of the photo below...

You can see the original trailer deck is being retained on the right hand side to act as a framing platform. She is being built in tandem with the tiny house on the right which is being built during an ongoing Tiny House Building workshop series in July and August, and will be used as a tiny community centre!

Walls are being framed and assembled for both units at the same time for efficient use of time and materials. Below we see our tiny house buddies on a sunnier day, looking all industrious.

Wow. This is really happening. So amaze! And I found a brand new still-in-the-packaging 64" x 38" Ikea ENJE white window shade during my festive alley-diving on Canada Day. Love awesome free stuff that does not end up in landfills!

I believe it will do nicely to cover my kitchen window, should I ever elect to actually put something between me and light...having lived in a bloody cave for the last five years, all your sun are belong to me.

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site

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Cool yours is going up with the summer workshop. Have been reading about the workshop. It means everything about it's construction will be documented in multiple ways!
Are you taking the workshop too?
2014-07-03, David

Hi David, I'd love to take the workshop but I work weekends. I shall have to lurk and check out the photos instead, I guess. I do want to visit the workshop space though, so I can visit Thousand Crow as she is built and also check out the tiny future community centre. I don't think it's going to feel 100% real until I can actually lay my mitts on my tiny house! Then it will be like, damn, I'm really doing this, lol!
2014-07-04, Little Miss Crow

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