Meeting Lots of Fabulous People!

With this glorious weather, everybody is outside, hanging out by their rigs, strolling around the parks, or chilling by the pool, so I've been meeting lots of neighbours and giving lots of tours. Special shout-outs to Jocelyn and Veronica, who are planning their own tiny houses, and to Philip, Sherry, Holly, Rowan and desert dog Belle from Arizona =)

I've been faring well in the heat; I've got three fans going and the placement of the windows lets me get hella cross breezes. On the hottest day I did the 'ol tub of ice in front of the fan trick which was excellent until the cat did a spectacular bail and landed in the ice water ass first. I deduced this from the spray of ice cubes and water all over the floor and the cranky cat with the soaked tail.

Call me a terrible person, but I would have loved to have actually witnessed that as I suspect it was horribly funny. Poor kitty...

(Hope I have everybody's names right, not my best superpower, especially when I'm in a sleep-dep sitch as I usually am on Saturdays when I flip my schedule from nights to regular people hours).

Later alligators, off to buy a new plant!

Little Miss Crow

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