Tiny House Goodies #1

I, like most prospective tiny house owners have spent countless hours online researching the everliving hell out of even the most tangental aspects of all things tiny house. I have researched things like:

  • Sleeping in hammocks
  • Heating your tiny house with flower pots and tealights
  • Living without a refrigerator
  • 72 mindnumbing facts about greywater
  • Where the hell do I put the catbox
  • When will solar setups not be so damn expensive

And, naturally, all about on demand hot water systems. And I think I have found a great one which I would like to share.

May I present to you the RV-550 NSP Bottom Venting Tankless Water Heater.

Not cheap, but I want it to last twenty years, so I want something well-reviewed, sturdy, and purpose-built. The floor vent is awesome as well. The less holes in my tiny house, the better I feel.

Also who doesn't want something called the RV-550 NSP Bottom Venting Tankless Water Heater? That is a highly satisfactory name promising years of something doing something.

Little Miss Crow

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