Tiny House Meetup Bonanza!

Lots of awesome new folks; I am godawful terrible with names, but I think I managed to hang out with nearly everyone at some point, and had so many good conversations!

John of camerabuildings.com was there, and he brought me his floor plans for Thousand Crow.  I think I probably looked like the  Stick Tarsier for a number of minutes as I checked it out. 

Two reasons for the tarsier situation;  firstly it's amazing to see what's been in your head and on random scraps of paper and eventually Floorplanner'd turned into an actual professional rendering. 

I have thought so much about each stage of the various designs that I can walk through them in 3D in my head, so seeing this design that I have essentially memorized in a different style of visual presentation and with a few design elements changed was sort of startling for a few minutes until I got used to it and added the changes to my mental 3D image. 

Basically, I Inceptioned myself for about 30 seconds...

The second reason was because it was epic. I will be posting my Floorplanner rendering and John's rendering next post so you'll see what I mean. Whooo!

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site camerabuildings.com

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Hi Isabella, it was great meeting you last night. I absolutely love the design of you new soon-to-be home. Hope to connect with you soon!
2014-04-10, Paul wood

Likewise! I am really excited about the plans, and hope to see you at next months meetup =)
2014-04-11, Little Miss Crow

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