Tiny House Vancouver in Progress; Getting Ready to Pull the Trigger

I'm meeting with John from Camera Buildings next week sometime to go over details of the build.Thousand Crow will be a 8'4" x 22' tiny house on a trailer based on the Filter Studio model seen below.

photo from camerabuildings.com

Super stoked to get process started; have to do lots of prep stuff like talk to the bank; get details about the certification Camera Buildings has that makes it possible to insure my house; find out about how payment is made and when the build should start to be finished in October/November 2014.

And then, more of the fun design stuff. Yay!

Originally posted February 27/2014; changed blog platform.

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site camerabuildings.com

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