Colour and My State of Mind

I love colour, and am wondering how I will use it in Thousand Crow. The obvious choice in tiny houses appears to be white or fifty shades of tree. Given I am not (at least not usually) a baby squirrel,  I don't feel compelled to live in tree-tones.

I am thinking a buttery yellow for interior walls will be light and complementary to occasional wooden surfaces like kitchen counters and my table. And to wooden spoons. We love wooden spoons, as they are about the only "cooking food things" I use on a regular basis. I cook like crane flies dance; badly, and with loss of limbs.

Tiny house colors

I will paint cabinets and shelves a high gloss white with a tiny bit of blue undertone to make it glow.

I think a matte, chalky Caribbean blue for the frame of my pull-out bed would be rad. It will also assist in pretending my bed is actually a little boat in the Caribbean should my Internet die and I be forced to use my imagination.

Tiny house colors

And I dig lime/yellow greens for glassware and dishes.

Tiny house colors 

Another favorite colour is magenta. Don't judge. Feel the vibe.

Tiny house colors

It will never be winter in my tiny house. February is banished. Thousand Crow is strictly August. 

Little Miss Crow

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Hey Isabella, check out 'Van Gogh / Fossil Paint' (chalk paint) available at Sellutions Furniture Consignment Store, 3206 Main St., Vancouver. They might have the patina you're looking for. Cheers, Paul (QubeDesign)
2014-04-01, Paul

I'm happy you're using lots of color. The working name for my home is the ColorBox, because I feel the same. The builders, ShelterWise, in Portland, are picking up my trailer next Monday, and the final plans should be in my hands this week. I live on Whidbey Island, not so very south of you in Washington, and I hope to be in the house by October, but realize that the windows might hold it up a bit.
I'm thinking aqua and red and white for the kitchen, mostly white for the bath and closet, and peacock colors for the living/bedroom. I'm planning on painting my floors, too, because I love the look and feel of that. I'm looking at chalk paint for some of it, but I'm not crazy about having to wax it. I love hearing about your progress.
2014-07-20, Jane

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