Tiny House Nirvana!

So I plan to park my tiny house at the fabulous Capilano River RV Park in West Vancouver, very nearly under the gorgeous Lion's Gate Bridge. Why? Why would you do that, Little Miss Crow, when it's pricey, not in Vancouver, and pretty much under a bridge?

It's true that an average (summer rates and winter rates) of $1000 a month is more than I would like to pay, but living without any roommates in Vancouver will cost you that, minimum, unless you like further dampening a creepy basement suite with your unstoppable tears. Or sleeping with a shotgun to ward off hungry hungry bed bugs.

And that def would not include living next to a boss river and having a pool and hot tub. And totem poles.

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Will it be loud and hectic, and periodically filled with dumbasses? Probably, but I currently live right downtown, between the West End and Coal Harbour and that is all day, every day, and I sleep right through it. Thanks 33 rated earplugs and bedside fan!

Will I have the glass-breaking squeals of yolos wearing lead Uggs and Axe by the bucket above me or home theatre Michael Bay filmfests below me? Nope. Because I own my roof and floor. And most of my neighbours only stay a few days at a time. And I suspect most will be middle-aged or older, and will be out looking at touristy stuff while I'm busy sleeping during the day.  Night-time noise will be happening when I'm either working or awake all night on my nights off.  Nightwalker win!

Of course, not guaranteed they'll have a spot for me when I need it, but I'll work on that closer to September. There were probably only at 50% capacity when I was there today so if that's off-season normal it should be alright.

Little Miss Crow

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I have stayed here and it's OK, loud traffic noise. However the people that live in the houses just there under the bridge and behind the park are mainly ill it seems, which make sense as they are breathing all the traffic fumes dropping from the bridge and the trains and tankers as they roll by. In the UK living within 300m of that much traffic is a known health hazard. I do think it's a good spot to get started in, test the house and try it on before going the expensive route of buying land. Or have I been sucked by the date of this post?
2014-04-02, mark

Hey Mark, nope it's legit =) I'm hoping to next set up a spot in somebody's backyard in Strathcona or Mt. Pleasant, but you are exactly right with the testing it out part. There will be so many changes happening all at once; downsizing, moving, new house, etc, that I think doing it is stages would be best.
2014-04-03, Little Miss Crow

Downsizing for me was a VERY emotional thing, I had no idea of the trauma or the memories in everything I owned. Strathcona and mt pleasant is exactly where I would choose and between Clark drive and commercial drive. Be gentle with yourself, see you at the informal meetup next week?
2014-04-03, Mark

I will be there, see you then!
2014-04-05, Little Miss Crow

I am a builder of small structures in North Vancouver and hopefully soon tiny houses. I have often thought that Capilano RV park would be a great option for TinyHouse living. Great to hear I am not the only one thinking of that!
Geoff Baker
Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.
2014-04-09, Geoff Baker

I'm so disappointed -- I had planned to go to yesterday's meetup, but unfortunately wasn't feeling well. Definitely next time, though!
You mentioned that the rent at the Capilano River RV Park will average out to about $1000 a month, which I agree is definitely quite reasonable for Vancouver. Assuming a bare-bones hook-up (15 amps, water but no sewage), I calculated that the rent during the summer season adds up to about $7500 from May 13 to Sept 30. That means the rent the rest of year must total about $4500. So, does that mean the park only charges about $600 a month during the off season?
2014-04-10, Claudia

Hi Geoff, it really does seem pretty ideal, cool setting, next to a river and yet gigantic mall for gettin' stuff, especially good for those without a car like me, and just over the bridge from the city. I ride an electric motorcycle so I can easily commute to my job. I want to speak to them directly once construction starts so I know for sure they will be ok with my tiny house, but they have told my builder they were ok with the idea. Just want to firm that up though =)
2014-04-11, Little Miss Crow

Hey Claudia, I think it was around $850 off-season and $1200ish during summer. I used their online booking app to 'book' 30 day stretches in reg and off-season to come up with those figures, so maybe try that out as well and see if you get the same results.
2014-04-11, Little Miss Crow

I called them two days ago to confirm the numbers. It averages about $1K a month.
The spaces for 45' Long, 18' Wide and includes water, sewer and a 30 amp service pluse use of the Pool & Hottub. There is also onsite Laundry for a fee.
With a BIG tiny house of 8.5 x 40 you could get 382 sq/ft. plus loft space. MORE than habitable.
Walk Times:
1 minute to the bus to Downtown.
2 minutes to the Capilano River.
5 minutes to Park Royal.
8 minutes to Whole Foods.
10 minutes to Ambleside Park and the beach.
Kinda gets rid of any issues about tiny house living I can see.
2014-04-11, Geoff Baker

Isabella, I took your advice and used the reservation system to figure out a year's rent for a 30-amp space. Since you can only book 50 days at a time, I did that for the upcoming year and then added up the totals (including taxes). Adding up the totals (for example, April 12 to June 1 was $2002.35 while June 2 to July 22 was $2761.50), rent for the next 365 days comes to $14892.15. That works out to $1241 a month.
Geoff, I wonder why you got a lower quote. Maybe there's a discount for people for stay at least a year?
Anyway, it's worth investigating because the average rent I calculated came up almost 25% more than you anticipate :-(
2014-04-11, Claudia

I physically called and spoke with the manager. She gave me an estimate of the monthly rent based on a yearly contract. The longer you commit the better the rate :)
2014-04-11, Geoff Baker

Geoff, I guessed that might be the case -- thanks for clarifying!
2014-04-11, Claudia

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