Tiny House Equals Tiny Stuff

I need to start down-sizing now. I don't actually own a lot of large items, and some enterprising thief has actually done some for me, as last night I noticed my pedal bike (as opposed to my electric motorcycle/scooter that I also call a bike) has been ganked from the communal bike area of my building.  Screw you, bike thief, but thanks for one less large item I have to deal with/sell/give away/store.

So...downsizing. I have a lot of books already loaded onto my two Sony Wifi E-Readers, but also like having actual books. I want to reduce the books by about a third. I also have tons of old papers, scripts, etc. from various school adventures, and random cool things that have to be edited. Basically going to recycle all that paper, and try to be steely in redirecting ephemera into the world. 

Thankfully, I'm not a collector of vinyl or zillions of shoes or a kitchen gadget freak. That stuff is heavy and awkward, so I got that going for me. It's going to be small items that I love for some reason that are going to be the hardest to part with. This is from someone who got the sads when I had  a pink Motorola Pebl stolen at a club back in 2010 because it was super-cute and I hoped nobody was going to be mean to it and just break it or something.

I have things like this Sony Walkman mp3 player, circa 2007 that I just love to look at and hold. The design is amazing; the issue is that Sony made it so difficult to load songs that I eventually caved and bought a damn Ipod. Which plays my music but is basically a flat rectangle, and one of a gazillion. I'll keep it, I think, because luckily the Sony is really small.

But what about the thrift shop old photo album of someone's trip to the Soviet Union with all the postcards and menus from their trip? Bulky, and completely useless, but also a tiny chunk of history. Or the x-rays I got in Mexico when I got hit by a bus and had to have pins put in my ankle in Guadalajara in 1998? Or what about the Charles S Anderson Seinfeld finale print somebody tossed in an alley? I don't even like Seinfeld...now if it was a Deadwood poster, that'd be different...maybe I can trade it for something I like!

Little Miss Crow

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I went through a big downsize to go to grad school.
One of things I realized was - go digital. There are a few keepers but a lot of things can be remembered with a photo rather than an object. Papers can be scanned with a small portable like a Fujitsu Scansnap. Then future papers can go digital too. Obviously, music digitized. DVD's into CD bulk cases. And so on. The bonus of digital is much easier to find. (assuming you name it or folders sensibly).
Thanks for the great blog. Just found Camera, the Meetup and your site. Love a number of your design ideas.
2014-06-12, David

Thanks David! That floor plan went through a zillion variations before it worked, but I learned a lot through the process. I've got about half of my books in e-book form on two Sony e-readers and my music is all digital. A pretty small collection of DVD's which I may finally get around to watching given I won't be able to stream stuff at the RV park.
You should come check out the Meetup next month =)
2014-06-12, Little Miss Crow

Yes, I will. Just found out about it due to your mention. Thanks!
2014-06-12, David

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