Tiny House Insecurity or Renting Insecurity in Vancouver

I think something that held me back from truly committing to my tiny house for a long time was not having any land of my own to park it on. It seemed stressful to park it on somebody else's property when they might have to ask you to leave should their circumstances change.

And then I remembered I live in the renoviction capital of the known universe. I've been renovicted once, as has nearly everyone I know, and the place I rent now has been under the threat of renoviction or demolition for literally twenty years. There really is no housing security for renters here, unless, I suppose, you live in a condo tower.

And even in a condo tower, there's the ever-awesome leaky condo phenomenon to contend with, as well as freakish HOAs. Aaaaand the bedbug plague. So really, what the hell. There is no housing security for renters in this and many other cities.

With my tiny house, I'll park it somewhere, and if that doesn't work out, I'll park it somewhere else. In the end, it's as easy as that. I'll still be in my house, that I own.

I will have the only key to my front door. And that, my friends, beats the hell out of renting.

Originally posted March 03/2014; changed blog platform.

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