A Friend to the Bats

So most of the time I'll be posting at strange early morning hours, and not on weekends. That's because I work 7pm to 4am shifts Thursday through Sunday. It means I am essentially a friend to the bats and skunks, and not so much pals with the roosters

I generally go to bed around 7am-ish and get up 3pm-ish. And it suits me fine. I love the city, but I really, really love the city at night. The quiet. The interaction of nature with sidewalks and manicured grass that is back under the paws of snuffing skunks and raccoons that always look at you like you're a rookie cop and they have warrants. For first degree smart-assery. Or maybe treason.

I have nightwalker coworkers with the same hours who switch to daywalker hours on days off, but that just means they feel craptastic  most of the time, so it's the nightwalker life for me all the time. Viva los skunks y bats!

Have another night pic...

Little Miss Crow

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