Tiny House Full Steam Ahead

So I did it! I signed the purchase agreement and paid my non-refundable deposit on April 15th, and construction should start in about three weeks or so, depending on how the construction timeline works with John's other projects in the works. 

The completion date is set at September 30th, and so now it's my snout to the grindstone to get together the last of the funds due at delivery, and for the appliances I'll need to buy like refrigerators, a portable induction single burner, and a toaster oven. Not to mention items like scissor jacks, storage bins and random kitchen things. And, I'm sure, a host of things not yet thought of.

Very, very excited.

Little Miss Crow

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Congrats! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!
2014-04-24, Salan

Thank you, and thanks for reading!
2014-04-26, Little Miss Crow

I may have missed it, but could you tell us where the name "Thousand Crow" comes from if you do not mind? I am intrigued.
2015-01-25, JBL

It comes from the Vancouver phenomenon of commuting crows that fly into the city in the morning and go home again at night...http://scoutmagazine.ca/2013/02/13/vancouver-lexicon-crow-commute/
2015-01-25, Little Miss Crow

Thank you. It seems to be a phenomenon here at the foot of Mount Fuji as well. Cool name. Best wishes to you and your new home.
2015-02-04, JBL

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