Tiny House Floor Plan Revealed!

Squeeee! I had Floorplanner'd my floor plan whose many variations spanned about two years. So much to consider...what dimensions of length, width and height would be best suited to my needs for...

Storage space: I want minimal possessions, but I still don't want to see every one of them.

Physical space: I don't want kitchen cabinet/appliance doors that cannot be opened with me in the room without turning into Wipeout; Kitchen Edition.

Head space

Some types of cosy makes me feel like I'm trapped in a dollhouse.  An evil dollhouse, that some gigantic cat is going to leer into like some 70's horror film. NOPE. 

I like to feel I have room to swing a regular cat. I have two. One must keep one's cat-swinging options open.

Flexible space

While many built-ins are lovely and functional, you lose floor space. I want max floor space to do things like stretching, chasing cats, exercise, dancing like a tool, meditating, playing a banjo like Billy Gibbons, spreading out art stuff, and generally feeling like I'm not going to cruelly injure my badass self.

Cat space

I have two older lady cats; Ting Ting who is pretty much a good-natured manatee with stripes...

and Keeks, a desperate calico who feels, despite 13 years of kindly petting, feeding, and watering that I am liable to snap at any second and devour her whole, gleefully picking my teeth with her sad leftover whiskers.

 So I need sprawl space and scowling space. And lots of windows for BirdTV.

Light space:

Going on 5 years of living in a half-buried first floor room, I would like to have a plant that doesn't immediately start getting its affairs in order the moment it sees my house.

Design space

I like flow, and straight lines. Vintage and pop stuff looks great in these spaces, as do bright colours and interesting texture. I am not rustic. NOPE.

So these are the issues considered above and beyond general tiny house concerns like building materials, builders, appliances, affordability and the fiendish labyrinth that is city bylaws.

I used Floorplanner and came up, ultimately, with a 8'4" x 22' design like so:

The floor is split-level, with the back area raised about 18" or so, and the bed sliding underneath the storage wall/table/bathroom area when not in use, freeing up tons of blessed floor space. I gave this to John McFarlane of camerabuildings, and he got back to me at the last Vancouver Tiny House Meetup with these plans.

First with the bed extended:

And with bed tucked away under floor:

There are a couple of clever changes made from the original design; the wall 'o' storage has now been split up into two separate storage areas; a cabinet to the right of the entry, and a storage closet behind the bathroom on the upper level, the entry door is moved off-centre, and there are windows galore. 

And the cleverest of all is the amazing disappearing bed bench/stair unit. When the bed is stowed under the upper level, a bench built into the frame at the foot of the bed with a stair-step at its lower left edge lines up perfectly with the edge of the bathroom framing so the bed effectively vanishes. And...the bench has a flip-up lid with storage underneath! 

Now if that is not some righteous designing, folks, I will eat my cat. Three guesses which one. She knew this day would come.

I am totes stoked, and I hope you are too. I love looking at all the tiny house sites getting ideas and inspiration, and expect you do the same. 

PS. Plants are going to look at my tiny house and immediately update their FB pages with selfies of BEING SO GREEN AND BUSTING OUT WITH FLOWERS. I guarantee it.

*Glorious kitten photo in header from teh interwebs.*

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site camerabuildings.com

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How exciting! I love the sliding bed. That's going to be so very handy to have lots of room to stretch out and do stuff. Clever! Best wishes to you on your build.
2014-07-20, Jane

Hi Jane, thank you so much! It is exciting, and I cannot wait to post photos of it once it is actually built =)
2014-07-21, Little Miss Crow

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