The Giant 'W' Stands for Whooo!

So should have some whootastic new images of le tiny house Thousand Crow soon, says John of Camera Buildings. I am looking forward to these, and now spending the vast amounts of time I previously directed toward the design of my itty house to designing the interior of said bitty house. 

To that end I have made a table top for my lovely mid-century style coffee table which will now be doing double duty as a low table/bench seat. It had a gnarly deep burn mark on it, which meant I either had to incorporate that into its look, or get a new table top. 

It also had random small varnish remnants on it here and there. What did I do with such a promising chunk of wood? Wet and dry-brushed some magenta latex paint on that sucker, is what, and then sealed it with a beeswax candle and a blow dryer.

Doesn't that sound just hideous? It actually turned out rather great. Great, and free. I love making stuff, especially useful stuff I would otherwise have to buy!

Little Miss Crow

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